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Howard’s December Tip – The Sequence In Which You Move On The Downswing Has A Major Effect…

The sequence in which you move on the downswing has a major effect on the distance and control that you can get. Given that you must know at what point of the golf swing does the downswing sequence start and where does most power come from? It’s the transition. And the transition in the golf swing is when you change directions from the backswing to downswing.

Just think, if this wasn’t true you’d have golfers setting themselves into a perfect top of the backswing position and then swinging from there. But that doesn’t happen and never will because it’s the change of directions from moving the club back to bringing it down where the real power in the golf swing comes from. And that’s the key place in the golf swing where most amateur golfers lose  a lot of distance and control. This is caused usually by incorrect swing sequencing.

Let me explain….

To start the downswing you need to first move your weight back to your left side by letting the left hip move towards the target, followed by the left shoulder and finally your arms & hands will naturally move.

The sad thing is that most golfers start their downswing with their hands and shoulders first and that’s a killer as far as creating distance is concerned. You’ve got to start the downswing with the weight shift and left hip. So go out and try this now….

Swing slowly back and you’ve almost reached the top of your backswing position I want you to move your weight back to your left side by moving your left hip towards the target. Once you’ve got the feeling of doing this then speed up the swing. If you get this sequencing correct from the backswing to downswing you’ll gain a lot of distance and control with hopefully your golf swing being easier.

Try it…you’ll love the results

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