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Recently I saw a video of a world top 20 player working on technical stuff on the range at a recent tournament. What he was working on was the same thing he has been doing for the last 2 years minimum. Same drill……after 2 years!!
That fact contains a very important and helpful message, although, it mainly relates to golfers who have played the game for quite a while. Once technical tendencies have been ingrained, very often they’re gonna stick with you for the rest of your life! This applies to professionals as well as amateurs. Don’t get me wrong, of course swing changes can be realised, but to own those changes under pressure a lot of hard consistent work is required.
I’ve got to know too many people during my coaching career that would have come up with a different swing thought or idea concerning what they are doing and how they can fix it every week. Some of them have received completely identical swing analysis’s from several very good coaches which still wasn’t enough to reassure them. YouTube and social media also haven’t been helpful in this context.
Those golfers still wander around looking for that one fix that might make them shoot 10 strokes better right away. This, of course, is nonsense and usually leads to an unceasing search of something that doesn’t exist. From there things just go from bad to worse, trust me.
Therefore, I suggest, as a golfer looking to improve, you should go out and look for a instructor that, in your opinion, has enough knowledge to be capable of delivering an objective analysis of YOUR game and stick to what he or she might tell you for the next months/years. Then, and then only, you’ll hopefully see long lasting improvements to your game. If this theory works for some of the best ball strikers on the planet, maybe, just maybe this might work for you!!
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