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No 1 for Putting Lessons In Kent

How we can help you improve at Kent Golf Academy:

A little less than half of the shots we take during a round of golf are made on the putting green, yet most people spend little or no time on proper putting instruction. The world’s best golfers achieve optimum performance by understanding the various elements of putting and improving consistency on the greens. “YOU CAN TOO” by having putting lessons in Kent, at Kent Golf Academy.

Our instructors use the Capto Putting Precision Technology to measure over 30 different parameters of your putting and highlight what needs to be improved. This also allows us to analyse your putting by measuring face angle, shaft rotation, angle of attack, sweet spot, club path and tempo of your putts while checking your putter specifications are suited to your needs


  • Putting analysis on the CAPTO Putting Precision Technology
  • Comprehensive coaching using corrective drills and exercises

putting lessons in kent

putting lessons in kent

putting lessons kent

What is Capto Precision Putting Technology?

Capto is a cutting edge system that consists of a sensor and associated software. 

Capturing data at a blazing 30 fps CAPTO allows us to measure and analyse all  key mechanical and biomechanical parameters. The CAPTO Software records and processes the data with margin of error at or below only 0.1 degree. Regardless of conditions, distance and slope, CAPTO offers the highest accuracy.

The data provided by the sensor allows us to measures over 30 putting parameters:

Face angle, Shaft angle, Lie angle, Face rotation °/sec , Shaft rotation (shaft lean) °/sec, Lie rotation °/sec, Club Path, Angle of Attack, Sweet Spot, Kernel, Face to arc, Shaft to arc, Handling, Trembling, Swing length, Backswing time, Forward swing to impact time, Total swing time, Tempo, Club directional speed, Club height speed, Ball speed, Ball direction, Launch, Lie to green / Lie deviation, Directional acceleration, Height acceleration, Energy dispersion, Torque dissipated energy, Forward press angles and time analysis

3D Motion 

Look at the 3D reconstruction of your strokes, with the possibility to see your trajectory, the ideal trajectory and all the rotation planes.

Putter Fitting at Kent Golf Academy & Custom Fitting Centre

Today, golfers are realising the importance of having custom fitted irons, wedges and woods. It is equally important to have a custom fitted putter. An ill fitted (or off the shelf) putter causes faults in a player’s technique. Putting accounts for around 45% of your score so it makes sense to have a putter fitted for your individual technique. Below is a list of what we take into consideration when fitting the perfect putter.

  • Putter Fittings are charged at £60.00 for the session
  • Should You Purchase a Custom Fitted Putter on the Day the Fitting Fee will be Reduced to £30.00
  • Full Payment is Required Upon Order
  • Ideal Length

  • Head Type: Square, Mallet or Blade

  • Head Balance: Face Balanced. Moderate or Toe hang

  • Correct Shaft, Offset

  • Dynamic Loft

  • Dynamic Lie

  • Grip Size

  • Putter Weight

  • Sight Lines

putting lessons kent
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