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Is progress our ability to complicate simplicity?

It’s great that we now have the technology to seemingly analyse every aspect of the golfer, their swing, the ball and the golf club, but we have to be realistic in terms of our goals. Ask yourself this question: If I can’t do something perfectly, is there a way I can still do it better?

During lessons, I regularly point out a particular swing flaw to the student while we are reviewing their swing on video. Often I will hear “I know I do that but and I CAN’T stop it. Why is that?”

In my opinion this is why!!

There are certain habits some golfers simply can’t break no matter how hard they try. For one reason or another, they’re physically or mentally incapable of changing. I have seen this for many years during thousands of lessons. Does this mean you can’t change theses issues? No, absolutely not. There’s a long list of major champions with so called  “flaws” in their swings. But what these greats do is find a move that they CAN make consistently at impact.

If you have a move that, for whatever reason, is embedded in the fabric of your golfing DNA, it is probably best you do not beat your head against a wall trying to  change it, however flawed it may seem. Rather, why not see if we can find something that blends with that move that you CAN execute.

Say for example for 20 years you suffered from fat shots and blocks due to an early release causing the bottom of the swing to end up behind the ball more often than not. So instead of trying to reinvent the wheel why not look at a different approach. Try to address the ball with more weight on your target side. When things get a little better put more weight on the target side till it gets even better, and so on. In other words, start the motion from a different place, one that is more functional for you.

So to help this golfer create a more functional golf swing, We could move his center of mass forward because his real problem (fat shots) had to be addressed within his current skill set. Basically work out a compromise, a way to hit the ball better and enjoy golf more.

As an instructor, that’s pretty much what I do every day. I’m always looking for a compatible movement which gives the best result. Usually I’m teaching largely handicap club golfers who are generally looking for a way to put the club on the ball better and more often, which means an improvement in impact position. There is no “new” when their ingrained moves have been around most of their golfing lives and most golfers are not into going back and starting over… believe me. But this doesn’t mean they can’t play better. And they do.

This lesson likely applies to you even if you are younger and more physically capable. Some things just don’t change, that’s why I encourage all serious golfers to work with an instructor to identify what moves in their swing simply will not change. Then they should learn to work around them, not try to fix them. That’s the way to better golf!

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