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Human Nature

One of the most frequent things I’ve heard during my many years as a coach is: “in my lessons, I get it; but I can’t repeat it on the course, I suppose, as usual, I just go back to my old habits.”

In my opinion, it does not matter if you’re a pro golfer or a high handicap player, one of the biggest challenges golfers face is taking the improvements they experience during a lesson to the course. Many players that come to me can hit the ball great under supervision but the moment they step on to the course, they become a different person.

One of the reasons for this recurring phenomenon is this: they simply never had it in the first place. They had a brief encounter with better ball contact/flight of the ball through a series of supervised motions and thoughts, some completely unfamiliar to them, but that is light years from “getting it.” Therefore, the inevitable lack of retention soon follows, and they have to go through this whole process again and again.

Some even ask me if they should try the new swing method from Rick, Mark or some other Youtube or online coach, in the hope that this secret will provide instant gratification that their brain so desperately craves. 

“The fatal flaw with this is they are fighting human nature and losing”.

Most people, including me, swear they will eat healthier and exercise, but most don’t.

Most people agree they need to spend less to be financially secure later, but most won’t.

Clients tell me they were using the drills given to them, but most weren’t, unless they provided immediate benefits.

However, fighting the human desire for “instant gratification” is the biggest obstacle to overcome before real improvement can be experienced and enjoyed. 

Without doubt and after many years of research and coaching golf, the fact is, the changes and improvements needed by most golfers to provide huge gains in performance generally come after weeks, months or even years of determination, persistence and repetition. So try and be patient and you’ll reap the benefits 

Stay safe people and I hope this gives you something to think about when you get back playing!

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