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Does Custom Fitting Help?

If a new set of fitted clubs meant that you’d drive the ball 20 yards longer and drop 10 strokes, would you reach for your credit card?

According to a recent test conducted by a top club-fitting company, such handicap-smashing results are possible. They had seven players custom-fit for all-new sets, from driver to putter. fitters used a launch monitor like our GC2 + HMT to measure full swings, while the Science&Motion (SAM) PuttLab device was used on the putts. Each tester played at least three rounds with their old clubs and three rounds with new custom-fit clubs. All shots were recorded.


Fitting matters. Based on data and tester interviews, it’s clear that correctly matched clubs can help golfers of all kinds. So read on for more findings. And remember—you actually can GET a better game with properly fit clubs.


1. BIGGER TEE SHOTS. On-course, the golfers gained 19 yards off the tee, on average, an increase comparable to the 22-yard gain seen during Launch monitor fittings. The players also hit more fairways with fitted drivers.

2. IRONS. On the course, guys picked up 10 yards with their fitted pitching wedges. (They also saw a 15-yard Launch monitor gain with new 6-irons.) with a slight increase in greens in regulation.

3. FITTED WOODS /HYBRIDS WORK WONDERS. Some of the biggest boosts in distance and consistency occurred using clubs (hybrids and fairway woods) that fewer players get fitted for.

4. THE PROPER PUTTER PAYS. The proper putter (in terms of shaft length, degree of toe hang, etc.) led to 0.12 fewer putts per hole. That number would likely improve as guys grow more comfortable with their new putters.

5. THREE SHOTS SAVED! The scoring average with the new, fitted sets was 2.83 shots per round lower than with their old clubs.

6. GETTING BETTER ALL THE TIME. Every player felt that fitted clubs would lead to lower scores. It could take up to a dozen rounds to see the full scoring benefits when playing with an all-new fitted set, say our experts.

7. HIGHER-HANDICAPPERS SAW BIG GAINS. Many players think they aren’t good enough to be custom fit. But the higher-handicappers saw up to 25 more yards with drivers and woods, and some shaved 5 to 10 strokes per round.

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