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One Size Doesn’t Fit ALL!

One of my clients posted a video of his swing on social media a few weeks ago. No ball flight, no data but he hit it well and at it ended up at the target. he is really happy how his game is progressing!

He did however, have ,and always had, a bit of bend in his left arm at impact. Since then he’s received a number of messages along the line of “sort that bent left arm” etc etc (some a bit worse referencing chicken wings). These are mainly from fellow coaches/pro’s too. He’s now asking me, and is paranoid about his left arm. Even though he’s playing the best golf of his life!

It amazes me how people/coaches comment on social media in general, especially without any knowledge of where the shot went. Is it a crime or against the rules to play with a slightly bent left arm?? (Jordan Spieth, Lee Westwood)

Are we trying to help people play better golf and enjoy this wonderful game or develop stressed neurotics who are being brain washed into believing they are “crap” unless their swing fits some prescribed geometrically “perfect” picture??

Believe me – when it comes to golf tips … I may not have heard it all, but I have heard a lot. I hear the same swing tips over and over from Golfers coming to see me when I ask them “what have you been working on in your swing?” I’ll usually get Rick says this, Mark says that, Peter recommends I do this! And Me and my Golf say Lets show you how to swing, chip, putt, walk, talk and dress like a tour pro.

I’d be thinking (Which one)? As they’re all, as we’re all, different!! Thought provoking eh??

Do they care really? or do they just want more subscriptions to increase their income and supply of free clothes, watches, cars and world travel? Good on them though, as they’ve found a way to earn a good living, which should be applauded. And yes occasionally these generic TIPS may help golfers.

Now, I understand why Some of you would use these Free tips … as they come across as plausible on how to fix everybody’s swing issues. However, just because you’ve heard these marketing gurus talk about these over and over … doesn’t mean they’re the correct things YOU should be trying.

Unfortunately, most Golf Instruction (the tips you hear and read) are just comparisons based on a picture of some flavour of the month touring pro’s swing (usually the guy that won the previous week) and not on actual performance impact data and ball flight. But, that’s how most online/social media Golf Instruction is — it’s about fixing the problem that doesn’t, in their eyes, compare favourably to the pretty geometrical picture of say an Adam Scott or Tiger etc. And because of this you could add an additional compensation to your swing that YOU don’t need … then this usually results in you eventually needing yet another tip to fix the new problem you’ve just created.

When you really understand “YOUR SWING IS INDIVIDUAL TO YOU AND YOU ONLY” and is similar to an individual machine that may occasionally get a broken part … you can try and wrap the broken part in duct tape to keep it working temporarily. But, sooner … rather than later – that tape is going to stop working.

So, what’s really happening is you’re creating another problem that needs fixing in your attempt to fix a prior problem and so on. Then before you know it … you’re totally messed up and so is your golf swing!

In my opinion, I usually find the best way that contributes to long lasting improved results is finding the true cause of what may need fixing. Then, when the true cause is diagnosed … find a much simpler fix rather than all these other non specific tips that have been read, watched and tried.

Really, once you’re diagnosed – you then should be taught how to recognise and feel the problem yourself. And then, and only then, be coached on how to correct it in the simplest manner. Thus, you’ll own your golf swing and trust it to deliver the best results on the golf course, as opposed to being the frustrated Golfer that is going to try to find, or is given, yet another irrelevant solution, thus applying another bandage to your already injured swing.

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