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3 Steps to Heaven

Your golf is broken and you know it. There’s something fundamentally wrong. Everything was fine, and then one day it wasn’t. Well, that’s not entirely true. You started to feel it slipping away a few weeks ago but you ignored it hoping that it would get better. Unfortunately it got worse, until you had a complete melt-down on the course.

What happened?

You aren’t sure, and so the first chance that you get, you make your way to the range and buy three large buckets of balls, determined to find the answer by randomly experimenting trying one thing after another.

  1. What was it you heard on Youtube the other night?
  2. What about the tip that your mate gave you?
  3. What did that guy say in this months Golf Monthly?

Your mind begins to race and you begin to tinker. So, what exactly is a “tinkerer?” The dictionary defines a tinkerer as an individual who would repair, adjust, or work with something in an unskilled manner. The key words in that sentence is “unskilled manner.”  In all honesty we probably all like to tinker with our swing, we think of it as a hobby. “I would agree that tinkering with your swing can be fun, but through personal experience, it is an absolute guarantee that you’ll never improve”

As a golf coach, I’ve very seldom witnessed players who are able to fix their own swings by experimenting, as they generally make the  mistake of confusing the symptoms they are experiencing to the actual cause, and in an attempt to fix it often put a plaster on what amounts to be an open wound.

This results in the problem appearing as if it has been solved, but this is usually only temporary — maybe for a day, a week or a month — but then the original cause reappears again, but this time often in a more severe form. When that occurs, the player is then forced once again to search for a secondary cure, and then a third, and a then fourth, beginning an endless cycle of tinkering. And in time, they often find themselves really confused, where nothing seems to make sense anymore.

You enjoy tinkering, I hear you say? I understand perfectly. Just realise that as a tinkerer, there is a good chance that you will never be a better golfer than you are today. And so if you really want to improve, quit tinkering.

Should you make the decision to stop “TINKERING” follow these 3 simple steps to start really improving your golf.

Step 1: Go through your house and put all of the golf books, golf magazines, and golf instruction videos that you own into the bin. Cancel your magazine subscriptions, effective immediately.

Step 2: Be very careful when watching online instruction. Ask yourself how do they know what the issues are with YOUR golf? And more importantly is it relevant to you?

Step 3: Stop tinkering and consider signing-up for a series of lessons with a competent teaching professional who has a track record of success working with players at your level… and then never look back.

Good luck

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