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3 Keys To Improving Your Wedge Game

If you watch the best players in the world hit wedges, you’ll see them frequently using a shot that most amateurs don’t have. It’s called a “flighted” wedge, and it flies lower-than-normal. This is helpful because the lower ball flight improves consistency and offers more spin. It’s a shot that can take an average wedge game to the next level. Below are some keys to flighting your wedges for better control.

Maintain a Consistent Angle of Attack

The best wedge players nip the ground with their wedges, only “bruising” it, not spending their day on the course carving up massive divots. That’s because their angle of attack isn’t overly steep and they have developed a desirable impact position time after time. All golfers should try and take shallow divots like tour players, but getting a little steeper is OK as long as you’re consistent. You want the ball to launch at the same angle with a predictable trajectory and amount of spin when the ball hits the green.

Control your Dynamic Loft

The loft of the club at impact is called dynamic loft, and if you want to lower the flight of your golf ball you will need to reduce it. If you lean the shaft forward too much at impact, however, you will reduce your trajectory to a point that the landing angle of the ball is too flat and no amount of spin you produce will make the ball stop. This factor is the most difficult one for most amateurs to control, so it will need lots of practice. 

Manage Spin Rates

The spin rate of the ball will influence its landing action on the green. It makes no sense to spin one shot at 10,000 rpm and the other at 6,000 rpm from the same distance. The point of flighting a wedge is consistency, not adding variance. The key to a consistent spin rate is keeping your wedge face and grooves clean and making contact on the same part of your clubface time after time.

So get yourself booked in for a Wedge session at Kent Golf Academy. Using our launch monitors we’ll make sure you’re getting the correct spin rate, angle of attack and dynamic loft to get your wedge shots close to tour level. Call us on 01843 310312!

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