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Howard’s Blog – Is Patience Really A Virtue…

2016-12-22T10:40:06+00:00November 29th, 2016|

I believe every player  that wants to improve needs some form of instruction whatever their ability. This instruction must be tailored to their individual skill level and should be designed to build the best and most consistent game with the least amount of work on their part. This means, for me, changing as little of [...]

12 Winter Tips

2016-12-22T10:43:12+00:00November 22nd, 2016|

Warm up two golf balls before you tee off. Keep them in your pocket and alternate them whenever you tee off at each hole. That allows you to keep your balls as warm as possible. You are not breaking the rules as long as you don’t heat your balls artificially during a round. (How many [...]

Who wants to be Mr Average?

2016-12-22T10:45:48+00:00November 22nd, 2016|

When was the last time you came in from a round , shooting four or five strokes higher than expected, and said, “that’s fine. Maybe I’ll do better next time.” For most of you reading this, this rarely (if ever) happens. Why? Because you love golf, you’re competitive, and you expect to shoot a certain [...]